About us

The Publishing House is created 1995 with order of the Rector of the South-West University Neofit Rilski. The University Publishing House is one of the structural units which organization and management is fixed with Regulations, verified by the Academic Council, approved by Protocol No. 4?15.03.2000. университетското издателство е едно от структурните звена, чиято организация и управление се определя с Правилник, приет от Академичния съвет, одобрен с прот

The Publishing House has three main units:

  • Desk top
  • Printing base
  • Book shop

The Publishing House ensures the educational and scientific activity the University with the necessary printing materials.

The main activity includes publishing of books, study materials, printing of doctoral works, author papers, collected reports from scientific conferences, yearly editions, almanacs, university regulations, articles, scientific magazines and others. Every year the Publishing house produces Manual for applying students, Manual for students Masters degree and continuous education, as well as the necessary documents and application forms for the campaign.

The University Publishing House works together with other publishing houses for spreading Bulgarian and foreign literature as follows:

  • Sofia - Paradigm Ltd.
  • Sofia - Softex
  • Sofia - Bulvest 2000
  • Sofia - Academic Publishing House Prof. Marin Drinov
  • Sofia - Publishing House Hristo Botev
  • Sofia - Publishing House Veda Slovena - JG
  • Varna - Publishing House P. Slaveikov
  • Shumen - Znanie
  • Bourgas - Liberta - 13 and others

The University Publishing House provides the University Library Neofit Rilski, Blagoevgrad, the Reegional Library, Blagoevgrad and the People's Library St. St. Kiril and Metodii, Sofia with copies from every edition which are necessary for the reading rooms and loan departments.