Електронно списание "Scientific Research"

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Art healthcare and sport

In Our Theatre – A New Berlin Wall Or The Matrioshka Dolls of Restoration against the Effort for Change
Women`s Pool - the Metabolites and Hormonal Mechanisms
Parallels between Sébastien de Brossard (1655-1730) & Neofit Rilski (1793-1881)

Mathematics, informatics and natural science

Improving Fairness in CDMA-HDR Networks
Moun Telescope at Beo - Moussala
High Angular Resoution Muon Telescope for Exploring the Temperature Profile of the Atmosphere
Finite Difference Method for Thermal Analysis of Passive Solar System with Massive Wall
Combined application of Assembler and C languages in the Education of Microcontrollers
Minimization of a strictly convex separable function subject to a convex inequality constraint or linear equality constraints and bounds on the variables
A new approach to embedded applications based on PIC microcontrollers use USB interface to communicate with PC
New nonexistence results for spherical 5-designs
Spreads in Projective Hjelmslev Space Over Finite Chain Rings
Morphological and morphostructural peculiarity of Mountain Slavyanka (Orvilos Mountain)

Humanitarian and pedagogical science

The contemporary teenager – in front of themselves and in the society
    Стоянка Жекова-Марева
Tendencies in Intonational Research
    Гергана Падарева
The Limits of Science and the Limitations of Knowledge
Motivation of the study via Internet
Newton`s Concept of Gravity - a Categorial Change in Physics and Philosophy
Axiological aspects of childhood in elementary school pupils
The Cultural Identity in School Age
The cognitive dissonance – in the context of the university didactics
The rhythm – intonation relation
Preparation for School - How and for what to Prepare the Child
Rome attraction. About Renaissances in Europe
Vsevolod Nekrasov’s poetry as a project of the poetic speech of the 20th century
The Child and the various aspects about it
Towards the Use of the Model Method in the Teaching of English Grammar and Voicabulary
Self-knowledge, self-consciousness and overcoming of contradictions that causes aggression in the individual strategy of behavior and personal activity
Training Strategies in Technological Education
Technological Preparation in Bulgaria`s Educational System

Juridical, economical and social science

European Innovation Initiatives and the Bulgarian Approach
The new dimentions of traditions
The public opinion about the Bulgarian’s legal awareness
on the Paradigm of Science Social Activity
Media and Globalization
Analysis of Teritorry Structure of Public Administration in EC Member Countries Relating to the Regional Development and Validity of its Achievement in Bulgarian Conditions
Влияние на административно-териториалното устройство на страната и териториалната организация на публичната администрация за ефективното осъществяване процеса на регионално развитие в условията на евроинтеграция
    Радослав Радославов
Decentralization and regional Self-governance - imperative Conditions for Prosperious Regional Polotics
Motivation of Public Administration Employees in Bulgaria.
The Labyrinths of Human Imagination
The Possibilities of Restorative Justice
Values of the society in the information era
Changed society – developed PR