Electronic Issue "Scientific Research"

ISSN: 1312-7535

Computer Sciences

Multitask Regime of work for the Microprocessing Systems, at the Availability of Wide Range of time changing for the Maintenance the separate requests
    Vladimir Gebov, Velichka Temelkova


Nanoparticles Produced by Borohydride Reduction as Precursors for Metal Hydride Electrodes
    Mario Mitov, A. Popov, I. Dragieva


3D Cartographical Digital Model of Struma River Basin
    Penka Kastreva


conversation of Companies by Alteration of their Legal Form. General Description and Composition
    Kremen Marinov


MacroEconomic Environment as a Factor of Stability of the Banking System
    Elena Stavrova
municipal BondsMarket development in Bulgaria: Challenges and Perspectives
    Desislava Stoilova

Medical Social Sciencies

Speech Compherension of 9-11 Years old Hearing-Impaired Children Educated at Mainstream School
    Svetoslava Saeva
Colaboration Between Parents and Professionals in the field of Intellectual Disabilities
    Vaska Stancheva-popkostadinova, M. D., Phd


Improvement of the Diagram Reasons - Result at the Examination in the Unsatisfactory Quality of the Products and the Machines of Production Technique
    Christo Patev


About an Evidence of Chernorisez Chrabar on the Linguistic Culture of the Slaves During the Pre-cyrillic Epoch
    Ilka Petkova
Bulgarian Politics of Multiculturalism - uses and abuses
    Svetlana Hristova


    Elka Yanakieva
Prof. Aleksander Tsankov - Educational Conceptions and Political Activities
    Emil Spasov
The sex Differentiation in the Preschool group - does it need pedagogical correction?
    Krasimira Stoyanova
Some Problems of English teaching in multi-ethnic classes
    Raina Holandi
On the Use of Syntactic Structures in the Speech of Second and Third Grade Students
    Levcho Georgiev
On the Educational Tasks in Teaching Reproduction to Second and Third Grade Students
    Nevena Chimeva
The Intellectual Readiness of Children for School (Some Aspects of the Mathematical Education at the Kindergarden and the Primary School)
    Dimitar G. Dimitrov
Bulgarian Identity in the European Cultural and Educational Sphere
    Liliana Todorova
Methods and Device of Forming the National Identity
    Liliana Todorova
Teaching of History in English in Bulgaria
    Kostadin Paev
The Motivation - a Condition for Optimization of Singing Activity Elementary School Pupils
    Nina Surbinska
Strategies for the Development of the "Golden Children of the Society" in the European Pedagogical Space
    Dobrinka Todorina
Basic Components of the Methodological System for Teaching Students How to Solve Creative Problems
    Yanka Stoimenova
The Phenomenon of National Identity in the Bulgarian Revival Literature
    Nevena Filipova
Development Cognitive Abilities Through Mathematical Education
    Angelina Manova


Aspects of Cultural Policy of Bulgaria
    Tatiana Stoitchkova