Електронно списание "Scientific Research"

ISSN: 1312-7535


Order Out of Chaos - Linearization and Time
    Александра Багашева


Matching in graphs. Hall’s Theorem
    Борислав Юруков
A new pedagogical technology for freedom in the early language and literacy acquisition by young children in the modern information society
    проф. д-р Фидана Даскалова
Education for the Transition to School Life
    проф. Йордан Колев
The Initiative Child as a Pedagogical Problem
    проф. Маргарита Колева
The Children`s Knowledge as a Process of Discovery - a Change of the Paradigm
    д-р Анастасия Пашова
The Metaphor as a Manner of an Effect in the Pre-school Age
    ст. ас. Красимира Стоянова
Social Change and social Integration of the Gipsies
    София Дерменджиева
Pros and Cons About the Informational Model of Education in a University
    д-р Веска Вардарева
The Child and the Unknown Word Around Him
    ст. ас. Ваня Стоименова


Preparation, Structure and Model Reaction of Thioamides
    Живко Велков


Some of Aspects of the Phrasing in the Interpretation of the Baroque organ’s Transcriptions for the Accordion
    Румен Потеров
Some of the Problems Connected with the Agogik to the interpretation of the Barocue Organ,s Transcription of the Accordion
    Румен Потеров
The Tempo’s Problems Connected with the Fingering in the Interpretation to the Baroque Organ’s Transcription to an Accordion in the Polyphonic Presentation
    Румен Потеров


The Role of the Doll in the Child's Game
    Гордана Панова


The Possibilities for exploiting the Mineral Waters in the Sandanski Area as a Means of Prophylaxis in cases of Radioactive Pollution of the Envirement
    Любомир Албенов Диреков

Medical Social Sciencies

Activities for Child Protection in the Blagoevgrad Region, South-West Bulgaria
Coping strategies of families with mentally retarded children