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Заглавие Use of Nuclear Weapon in the International Humanitarian Law
Автори Tomasz Szemraj, Urszula Wojtaszczyk



Authors have taken up the problem of application of International Humanitarian Law in legality aspect of threat of use or use of nuclear weapon in armed conflicts. Analyzing issues related to the use of nuclear weapons in accordance with the law, it can be concluded that the mere use of nuclear weapons is prohibited due to the violation of many laws. However, it is not obvious whether nuclear weapons can be used for self-defense in accordance with international law. It should be pointed out that the International Court of Justice has given an opinion on the use of nuclear weapons in armed conflicts. It is certain that the effects of nuclear weapons are in violation of provisions related to environmental protection, the principle of proportionality, the principle of humanitarianism or the principle of differentiation, due to the scale of its usage effect.

Keywords: International Humanitarian Law, Nuclear Weapon, International Court of Justice, Armed Conflicts, Proliferation



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За авторите

Urszula Wojtaszczyk, email:  wojula@gmail.com

A second year student in the field of defence at the Faculty of Logistics of the Military University of Technology. Chairwoman of the Student Scientific Circle "Securitas et Defensio"


Tomasz Szemraj, email: szemrajek@gmail.com

A second year student in the field of defence at the Faculty of Logistics of the Military University of Technology. Vice Chairman of the Student Scientific Circle "Securitas et Defensio"

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