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Title: EQUIVALENCE ISSUES IN TRANSLATING BULGARIAN LEGAL DOCUMENTS INTO ENGLISH (title deeds, powers of attorney and declarations)
Category: Bulgarian language with philologists
Authors: Ivanka Sakareva
ISBN: 978-954-00-0219-4
Price: 10,60lv.
Pages: 151

Since Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007 the translation of legal texts into English, especially legal documents, has become more necessary not only due to EU accession requirements concerning the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with EU law but also because of the influx of foreign nationals to our country with the aim of buying real estate, concluding agreements or contracts, or establishing companies.

In my capacity as a translator and particularly as an editor of title deeds, powers of attorney and accompanying declarations, I have come across a number of translations done by others. This way I have noticed the different ways of transferring the meaning of the legal text from one language to another, the various words used for particular terms, the confusing sentence structure, etc. I became aware of the importance of being familiar with the foreign legal language, in my case English. As I got involved with translating these legal documents I realized the complexity of legal translations. That aroused my interest in carrying out research on the legal terminology used in these types of documents....

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