Университетско издателство "Неофит Рилски"

Тематика: Български език с филологии
Автори: Mariya Bagasheva
ISBN: 978-954-00-0214-9
Цена: 10,20лв.
Страници: 211

Issues concerning diminutiveness as a linguistic phenomenon have been tackled with unceasing interest in scholarly research for the last decade or so. This can be attributed to the fact that diminutiveness can denote not only 'smallness', which is expressed in most languages on a regular basis, but a vast array of emotional-expressive nuances as well, which makes this category a powerful device for conveying subjective attitudes in some languages. Generally speaking, the languages from the Slavic and Baltic groups are considered to be extensively employing various means of expressing diminutiveness. Romance languages, as well as Greek, use the multifunctional application of diminutiveness likewise. Researchers have been investigating the numerous aspects of diminutive words for quite a long time by making contrastive analyses of their linguistic, stylistic and pragmatic functions in different languages. Most contrastive studies, however, have basically focused on two socio-culturally related languages. A few researchers have tried to analyze the category of diminutiveness in more than two languages (cf. Dressler & Merlini Barbaresi 1994), but the multifarious character of the category of diminutiveness has not been fully investigated in all languages, which necessitates more comprehensive studies....

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