Университетско издателство "Неофит Рилски"

Заглавие: Specialized Translation. Selected English and Bulgarian Texts for Translation
Тематика: Български език с филологии
Автори: Дафина Костадинова, Гергана Георгиева, Иваничка Нестерова, Иванка Сакарева
ISBN: 978-954-680-000-8
Цена: 5,20лв.
Страници: 86

'Specialized Translation Selected English and Bulgarian texts for Translation' is a multilevel collection of texts designed for university students of English Philology, Applied Linguistics, Law, International Relations, European Studies, Political Sciences, Journalism, etc. It is intended for students of English Philology, Applied Linguistics and Ethnology and English Language majors who study Specialized Translation as a compulsory discipline in their curriculum and have to master translation skills in various fields of study. It also provides more advanced students, namely those who study Law, International Relations, European Studies, Political Sciences, Journalism with a valuable language-boosting resource; in addition, it is aimed at all other students who want to broaden their knowledge of English and be qualified enough for the competitive society we live in.

With this collection of texts we try to help students acquire and develop skills in both general and specialized translation, which is a conditio sine qua non for their future professional and highly qualified work in the field of translating and interpreting.

It is needless to say that specialized translation is needed when experts in a certain specialized field communicate on specific topics and use specific jargon, while general translation is needed when general communication on everyday facts occurs among people who use vocabulary that is shared by all speakers. However, whether a piece of text is specialized or a general one is to a great extent a matter of subjectivity and variation depending on the participants in the communication situation (in terms of education, background, professionalism, use of terminology, familiarity with the specific area of science/study/business, etc.) and the users of a given text. Thus, we cannot claim that there is a clear-cut boundary between specialized and general translation. At the same time, quite frequently, a text may comprise two or more spheres of jargon or terminology, as some texts in this collection reveal...

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