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Заглавие: Local products and festivals: The tourism perspective
Тематика: Туризъм
Автори: Илинка Терзийска
ISBN: 978-954-00-0001-5
Цена: 10,30лв.
Страници: 130

Nowadays, festivals have changed their nature by shifting the focus to entertainment; yet, the theme around which they are organized largely determines their appearance and impact. This is even truer for festivals whose subject is local products; in addition to the purely economic considerations, they are maybe the closest type to the original form where the event is deeply rooted in the community social and cultural fiber. At the heart of every festival stands a specific topic - the core around which all the elements of its program are built. This book is dedicated to festivals whose central theme is local products and its focus is laid on a region in South Bulgaria, consisting of four administrative districts - the ones of Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Kardzhali, and Haskovo.

The first chapter is devoted to local products as a resource for the development of festival tourism. It starts with a typology of local products, based on the classification of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, which is supplemented by two categories, in accordance with the specifics of the subject. The text goes on with an inventory of local products in the selected districts.

The second chapter discusses theoretical issues related to the conceptualization of the festival tourism and includes review of the scientific literature on the subject. The chapter ends with a description of the factors that define best practices in the festival area, and identifies three best practices from the region.

The third chapter is based on studies conducted by the author within the project "LOcal products Festivals and Tourism development in cross-border cooperation Greece-Bulgaria" (LOFT), funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013. The methods used are online survey and desk analysis. The results shed light on the state of the festival industry in the region and identify the key problems that organizers are facing...

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