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Заглавие: The Verb in Standard Modern English (in comparison with Bulgarian)
Тематика: Български език с филологии
Автори: Ели Бояджиева
ISBN: 978-954-680-875-2
Цена: 6,80лв.
Страници: 495

This volume focuses on the description of the basic types of verbs, their morphological categories and the interrelations between them in Modern Standard English. The terms Modern English and Standard English are used interchangeably although within particular contexts a subtle difference in the meaning is drawn. Modern English is used with reference to the present stage of development of the language as opposed to Old English and Middle English, whereas Standard English is used to refer to the form of language defined by David Crystal as "the variety of English used as a standard throughout the English-speaking world" [Crystal 1999: 318]. Naturally, the two notions are closely interrelated as Standard English is thought as the codified norm of Modern English.

The book is devoted to the verb and its categories approached from the perspective of general linguistics. Thus it presents a logical continuation of the volume "English Morphology from a Theoretical Perspective (Nominal Categories)" by the same author published in 2010 by the South-West University Press as the two books encompass all central categories that are traditionally described on the structural level of morphology...

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