Университетско издателство "Неофит Рилски"

Тематика: Български език с филологии
Автори: Дафина Йорданова Костадинова
ISBN: 978-954-680-847-9
Цена: 8.40лв.
Страници: 172

The choice of Standard British English is called for by the necessity to choose one established model to serve as tertium comparationis. As it is well known there are numerous varieties of world Englishes each of which may serve this purpose. However, British English is the first historically established standard vernacular on the one hand, and secondly, even more important, the majority of the coursebooks used at all stages of English language teaching in Bulgaria including university education are written by British textbook writers, the vast majority of them are edited and published in the UK and therefore, it is assumed that the grammatical material to be acquired by the Bulgarian learners should correspond to the basic rules of use and usage and the paradigms as accepted in the Standard British English. Therefore, it is expected that the Bulgarian learners of English are supposed to acquire namely those rules that are covered in the textbooks they use. This understanding is further enhanced by the results of a survey conducted by Georgieva that reveals that Bulgarian learners of English perceive themselves as speakers of English as a foreign language, not as speakers of Global English. They abide by the rules based on a standard variety of the language codified in dictionaries and grammar books, which makes the author come to the conclusion that it seems unlikely that they would accept a new world standard established solely for the purposes of international communication and teaching....

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