Университетско издателство "Неофит Рилски"

Заглавие: English for public relations
Тематика: Право
Автори: Славка Попова
ISBN: 978-954-680-771-7
Цена: 5,70лв.
Страници: 168

English for Public Relations is a textbook suitable for university students who learn specialized English for Public Relations purposes in the BA and MA programs. The textbook contributes to the theory and practice of the PR educational process in an academic environment. It can be used by university students of similar majors (Journalism, Communications, Media Studies etc.) where English is included in the curriculum. English for Public Relations can be used by media and advertising specialists, image makers, journalists, businessmen, teachers of English, and all who are really interested in learning English...

За авторите:

Slavka Popova is Chief Assistant Professor and a PhD candidate at the Public Relations Department of the South West University in Bulgaria. She holds Master's Degrees in English Philology and in Law. She has a number of specializations at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Greece and Japan. She teaches Discourse Analysis for Media and PR and Specialized English-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-English Translation for PR Purposes.

This book is suitable for students who study Public Relations, Media Studies or Journalism in the BA or MA Programs of the Bulgarian Universities. The book would be useful for PR practitioners as well as specialists in advertising and communications who may want to improve their English...