Университетско издателство "Неофит Рилски"

Заглавие: English Morphology from а Theoretical Perspective
Тематика: Педагогика
Автори: Елисавета Бояджиева
ISBN: 978-954-680-692-5
Цена: 5,60лв.
Страници: 353

The book is intended for students of English at all university levels as well as for everybody who takes interest in the grammar of Modern English and the interpretation of particular language phenomena from a broader theoretical perspective. It focuses on the description of the nominal categories but also provides important information about the common use of particular chunks of grammar in everyday language, thus breaking out with the traditional prescriptive approach. More often than not useful explanations of certain facts are discussed from a historical perspective in order to provide deeper understanding of some contemporary phenomena in the language. And, finally a contrastive approach is adopted in certain sections that deal with the differences and similarities between English and Bulgarian and which pursues one major goal: to bring to the fore some hitherto less investigated issues concerning language universals on the one hand, and to inspire topics for further investigation in the area of theoretical contrastive analysis, on the other...

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